We focus on creating beautiful long lasting finishes for the homeowners who entrust us with their properties.

Exterior. Interior. Commercial. We can help your project run smoothly, on time and with the least disruption.

Take a look around and see why we feel we are the best choice for painting and wall covering serving Amherst, Truro, Moncton and the Gulf Shore.

High Quality Workmanship

Including these words on our logo was not by chance. It figures into everything we do.

We take pride in taking the time to do things properly.

Let your renovation, new home painting and exterior painting benefit from our vast experience.



The inside of your home is a place to explore your colourful personality and to feel at peace. We can help you refresh those spaces and make the experience easy.


The outside surfaces of your home are the most vulnerable. Sun, temperatures high and low, and the most persistent and patient enemy: moisture. Let us protect and beautify you home.


Downtime in any business is lost revenue. If you need to refresh, renovate or get a property ready for sale, we can provide the expertise to see your project completed on time and on budget.